Zombie Pinups first started crawling out of their graves in San Francisco in 2000 as live performance pieces, most notably as a parody of beauty pageants. Then they found their way onto the internet and began infecting gorgeous women nationwide. Now the cat is officially out of the bag - most major cities feature their own grassroots variations of Zombie Pinup events, and there are a number of burlesque acts and websites ( we love the Living Dead Girlz ) that have taken the concept even further.

We at enjoy watching the rotten fruit that we've spawned, and enjoy our place as The Website That Started It All. We're always happy to exchange links with our gorgeous, nasty children - if you're doing something Zombie Pinup-ish, let us know - email!


She'll steal your heart... for lunch!Monique Motil was not allowed to watch horror movies as a child. This was clearly for the peace of mind of the rest of the household. When she was eight years old she saw a commercial for a zombie movie with a crowd of shambling  undead fighting their way through a hallway. It took two weeks for her to finally go to bed with out screaming her self to sleep. Such is the curse of an overactive imagination.

As an adult there were years of monster movies to catch up on. Somewhere along the way she began to ponder the question "why are vampires always the glamourous undead? Why not zombies?" This planted the seed for a fabulously zombified torch singer who would sing old standard songs with new meaning like "I've Got you Under My Skin" and "I Fall To Pieces". The next performance piece was a striptease that included stripping her skin off.

In 2000 and 2001, Monique decided that one zombie is never enough so she began the Zombie Pinups Empire.  It was easy convincing her beautiful friends to let her make them over as zombies and photograph them. There have also been two short films for Cable Access, a few Miss Undead Beauty Pageants, a zombie cabaret, interviews in the magazines - Rue Morgue and Naked and a film in the works. Who knows what is next?


Your Mouldering HostChad Savage met Monique in 2002 and fell in love with the idea of the Zombie Pinups, so he offered his graphic art and web design talents to help Further The Cause.
In 2005, Monique moved on to moldy greener pastures and Chad took over ZPU full time, expanding it and making it more interactive, adding  a forum, and so forth. He'll continue to expand it and help it evolve as time permits. To find out more about Chad Savage and his various nefariousness, visit his site at