Get Zombified

You wanted it, you got it! Now you can submit
your own Zombie Pinup photos!

So you want to be a Zombie Pinup, eh? No problem! Grab your favorite make up artist and photographer, get all undead-dolled up, and take some photos! Or, just get dolled up, and sweet-talk your favorite Photoshop Geek into zombifying you on his computer! Or hey, do it all yourself! We don't care, as long as the photos you submit meet the following criteria:
  1. The name of the site is ZOMBIE PINUPS. So your photos should depict you as a zombie, and as a classic-style pinup. Not sure what that means? Look through our gallery, and check out their inspiration HERE.
  2. Putting a little green make up on your face does NOT make you a zombie - we want to see serious zombification here, whether via make up, special effects or digital retouching.
  3. No nudity. Classic pinups were all about teasing, and so are the Zombie Pinups.
    Well... if you want to send nekkid photos of yourself, go right ahead! We just can't post them. For our purposes, "no nudity" means no nipples and no nethers. Feel free to cut it reeeaaal close, though. ;)
We have 3 types of submissions:
  1. PHOTOGRAPHIC : Submissions in which the zombification is done via make up and photography
  2. DIGITAL : Submissions in which the zombification is done digitally, with a program like Photoshop
  3. ART : Submissions in which the zombie pinup is a painting, drawing, 3D rendering, or other non-photo-based media.
Email and include the following information:
  • Your name
  • The name of the model (as it should appear in the gallery), or name of the artist
  • The website, MySpace page or other link for the model/artist
  • Name and website for the photographer, make up artist(s), and anybody else involved in the creation of the Zombie Pinup
  • Whether the submission is Photographic, Digital or Art.
Either send the images attached to the email, or send a link to where they can be found online.

IMPORTANT: By submitting work to, you are granting the right to post your photos on this and related sites (such as Facebook, etc.). Your photos will NOT be used for For-Profit purposes without your consent. Your photos will be posted with the appropriate credits that you submit with them.